I'm a filmmaker and multimedia designer My creative interests are in technical photography, scientific illustration, and documentary.

email: carr.joey@gmail.com

demo reel

Moving Image

Digital cinematography and videography.

I Don't Care

Casey Puccini's feature length dark comedy about a narcisistic filmmaker sabotaging his second film (content warning: strong language). Role: cinematographer.


A micro-documentary on a collaborative installation by Kellie Romany and Nicole Seisler at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park, Chicago.


Janet Lin's three-minute, single-take satire of Chinese-American foreign policy relations from her perspective as a citizen of Taiwan. Role: cinematographer.

Change that Isn't Motion

A series of digital video loops constructed from still images. The image changes at a pace that is only barely perceptible, like the billowing of clouds.

There is a Verge…

"There is a verge of the mind which these things haunt; and whispers therefrom mingle with the operations of our understanding…" — William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience

3D Graphics

Modeling, rendering, animation, and compositing.


Illustrations of small aquatic invertebrates in the style of Ernst Haeckel. (8 items)

Volvox, Spirogyra, and Chlamydomonas

Stock video depicting several well known, charismatic microorganisms. (1 item)


Several illustrations exhibiting aspects of the structure of DNA. (5 items)

Cellular Structures

Diagrammatic illustrations of mitochondria, prokaryotic cells, and membrane structures. (4 items)


Telescopic, microscopic, and macro photography and videography.

Polarized Light Micrographs

Microscopic views of crystals under polarized light produce strange yet familiar images of uncharted landscapes. (5 items)

The Moon

Viewing the moon telescopically. (3 items)


(4 items)

Macro Photography

(5 items)

Foam Micrograph Time-lapse

(1 item)

Creative Coding

Generative systems and live coding performance.

Cellular Automata

Among the simplest models of computing machines, even trivial cellular automata give rise to startling complexity. (4 items)

Turing Patterns

Turing patterns were described by Alan Turing as a computational model of pigmentation patterns in animals. (3 items)


A single algorithm for coloring parametric renderings of hypotrochoids yields an enormous variety of forms. (5 items)

Whitman Sampler

A brief live-coding performance at the Gallery Formerly Known as Happy Dog. (1 item)

Not Voice

A response to the Lettrist poetry of Isidore Isou and minimal compositional techniques. The work was heavily influenced by Florain Cramer's essay, "Words Made Flesh." (1 item)

"There is a verge of the mind which these things haunt; and whispers therefrom mingle with the operations of our understanding..."

— William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience.

"If we survey these forms diachronically, it would seem that the great unacknowledged aspiration of the American avant-garde cinema has been the mimesis of the human mind in a cinematic structure. Beginning with an attempt to translate dreams and other revelations of the personal unconscious in trance film, through the imitation of the act of seeing in the lyric film and the collective unconscious in the mythopoeic film, this cinema attempted to define consciousness and the imagination."

— P. Adams Sitney, Visionary Film.

"I decided to invent a job for myself. I knew a lot of things, unconnected things, but I wanted to be able to connect them after a few hours at a library. I once thought it was necessary to have a theory, and that my problem was that I didn't. But nowadays all you needed was information; everybody was greedy for information, especially if it was out of date."

— Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum.